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Handover of BST ProControl business to Betacontrol Systems GmbH


Dear Customer,

BSTe Int. GmbH informed you last year about the partial termination of BST ProControl’s business (measuring systems of weight, thickness etc.), however kept support and spare part business open for existing systems.

Today we are happy to announce our cooperation with Electronic Systems S.p.A., located in Momo, Italy.  Electronic Systems is a world leader in the area of measurement, control and automation systems with state-of-the art technology, global market access and proven success over more than 40 years. 

This transfer is possible due to the fact, that Electronic Systems hires the former staff of  BST ProControl and also founded a new company in Siegen, Germany under the name Betacontrol Systems GmbH and gets access to all information (drawings, BOM, etc.) that are necessary for a successful continuation of ProControl´s product portfolio.

You can reach Betacontrol Systems under the following contact details:




Poststraße 17 / D- 57076 Siegen

HRB-Nr. 12210


BSTe Int. and Betacontrol Systems will ensure a smooth transition of the business and are happy to continue to support BST ProControl's customers in the best way possible.

Effective from 1st of April 2020, BSTe Int. will transfer all new inquiries and new orders to Betacontrol Systems, including service and all existing orders, which cannot be delivered or finalized by BST eltromat International due to the changes.


For more information please contact:


Mr. Stefano Trizzino                                                                            Mr. Albert Köther                                                                      Mr. Carsten Achenbach

Managing Director                                                                                Manager Sales&Service                                                             Technical Helpdesk

T: +49 171 313 0641                                                                              +49 174 172 2914                                                                    +49 172 698 8578