IndiMultilayer System

The coating or laminating of flat aluminium, paper or plastic materials needs as well an exact determination of its quality characteristics as the monolayer products. The BST ProControl sensor technology measures therefore transversally the relevant features, including especially the layer thickness or as well the basis weight.

If this concerns a multi-layered composite made from various polymers, the BST ProControl IR sensors provide simultaneously the thickness of the individual layers for the finished product using selective measurement. Should the layers of the product be between two optically non-transparent materials (laminate layer), this will be determined by assessing the difference in measurement before and after the coating station using beta or x-ray sensors. Spectrometer sensors or laser shading procedures achieve reliable information regarding the material layers.


  • Thickness and layer thickness measurements from 2 μm with a precision of 20 nm
  • Neither colour, transparency nor the material composition have an impact on the accurate measurement
  • Production weight starting of 800m/min