IndiTissue System

In the field of tissue production, factors such as basis weight or moisture as well as the material thickness are important to get a high quality final product. During paper plant operation, the usage of special radiometric sensors and sensors based on x-ray or infrared technologies are predestined to achieve reliable results concerning the product quality. With the help of an appropriate control and software solution, which determines the measured data at once, possible errors can be detected and eliminated very quickly. In doing so, during the tissue production there is only low waste and as a result, the operator achieves economic benefits.


  • Non-destructive measurement
  • Highest precision and at the same time fast data collection
  • Less waste
  • Determination of moisture and basis-weight of different layers
  • Hermetic tight design with air flushing due to the high amount of dust
  • Frequency-regulated fan located in the measuring gap to keep the measuring spot clean