IndiRubber System

To ensure a quality product, the production of rubber and tire cord e.g. requires the exact determination on the individual layer thickness of the top and bottom plate as well as the location of the steel cord inside the overall composite.
The use of laser sensors, based on the triangulation measuring method suggests itself in this case. But the radiometric sensors also ensure an evenly dependable, completely non-contact measurement. Depending on the intensity of the radiation, the material’s basis weight can be determined.
In the event of deviations from the specified target values, BST ProControl systems will immediately and automatically intervene into the production plants’ control circuits to effect corrections. Continuous quality monitoring is the result. This helps optimize production processes and reduce downtimes and rejects. 


  • Simultaneous analysis of different set parameters
  • Non-destructive measurement
  • Precision and speed
  • Low waste rate