Density measurement

Non-contact measurement procedures and the patented procedure of direct (selective) online- layer thickness measurement can also be used in the density measurement field.

IndiRay® X Ray < 5kV / Extended Range

When the transmission method is used for basis weight measuring, emitter and detector are facing each other, with the measured material in between. Radiation is weakened by the measured object, and the degree of weakening is subject to the density, thickness and composition of the measured object

Isotope Backscatter Sensor

Isotope transmission measurement is a contact-free measuring method - for example for desity measurement. It uses the fact that all radiation is decreased when passing through materials.

Isotope Transmission Sensor

The density measurement by the isotope transmission sensors is a non-contact measuring procedure, which determines the basis weight (g/m2). This method takes advantage of the fact that radiation undergoes a decrease when it passes through materials.