Thermographic measurement


With IndiTherm, BST ProControl GmbH presents a system which is designed for the exact all-over online determination for the film extrusion. The infrared measurement solution enables a continuous monitoring of temperature differences in real-time and is therefore an important analysis tool. Properties like

  •  re-crystallization
  • classification for wide films
  • flatness mistakes
  • flow lines
  • inhomogeneity or
  • hotspots

appear for example due to overheated thermo tensile studs or too to high temperature variations. With IndiTherm they can be identified early. The special highlight of IndiTherm is the precise focusing on the temperature of the material to be controlled: Conventional infrared cameras can external thermal influences, caused for example by heat reflections from the nozzle or hot runners on the cooling roll and on the material surface, just partly fade out. In contrast IndiTherm manages to capture the temperature of the material precisely and therefore to determine exclusively the temperature values of the film. The measurement results are thus more exact and offer valuable information for the further production process.
The solution can, if needed, be extended to IndiCam 100, so that in addition  to the thermographic measurement a 100% 2D grammage measurement is possible as well as the determination of the material thickness