INDICON Software – Fast and ready to perform at the highest level

The recording, evaluation and visualization of the measurement results has never been easier than now with the development of the new INDICON software! The intuitive handling crystalized itself as one of the special highlights. This tool offers an ideal user-orientation due to its fine-grained and high-contrasted measurement display, a maximal monitor resolution and an information bar that are displayed on every screen page. The specific configurability of the software is also entirely in the interest of the user. The surface is completely optimized for touch control. The intelligent gesture control allows an individual setting of the gestures and therewith linked orders. The system is eventually topped off due to its internal logic since the sequences of the surface are thematically assorted.

The newest version of SIMATIC WinCC V7.2 offers in addition to that a FULL HD Visualization and a high degree of efficiency in engineering and runtime. It has moreover an online language switch, integrated data archiving and also an integrated user management. The real-time capable, deterministic navigation system on the PC is also ensured. The software is furthermore equipped with a 100% SPS-compatibility as well as a PROFIBUS and PROFINET support.

The hardware platform is a fanless and especially highly efficient Microbox PC SIMATIC IPC427D of the newest generation that ensures the highest performance in the embedded field and convinces with its robustness and also with its solely low maintenance effort.