Welcome to BST ProControl GmbH! Rely on the made-in-Germany quality and use our services in the areas of planning, production, implementation as well as modernization of measurement, controlling and automation components.

Based on our wide range of sensors, we provide the suitable measurement technology for every application in the field of flat materials! The focus is especially on the quality control by using non-contact and non-destructive sensor technology, which stands out due to its high level of precision. We provide the right measurement technology for any area of application and ensure thereby a consistent production quality and minimal rejects for you. For a gapless measurement data collection, the appropriate peripheral equipment is needed. We provide those as well in the form of special software solutions (INDICON XL) and scanners.


10/17/2016 BST ProControl is leaving its mark on the sensor market with the PC16S®-wave transmission sensor, based on non-ionizing technology - read more
07/20/2016 Presenting a novelty at the K trade fair 2016 - read more